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Sophocles Christodoulides Manager


Petros Frangoudes Head of Financial Services
Costas Pieri Accounts Inspector
Nicos Nicolaou Accounting Officer A΄
(Vacant Position) Accounting Officer A΄
Iliana Symeou-Panagi Senior Accounting Officer
Christiana Agglogallou Senior Accounting Officer
Nikos Antoniou Clerical Officer
Sotiris Mantilas Clerical Officer
Emily Chrysostomou Accounting Officer
Maria Fotiou Senior Accounting Officer
Sotiris Fanaris Assistant Clerical Officer
Aliki Loizou Assistant Clerical Officer
Christina Peratikou Assistant Clerical Officer
Marianna Katsioloudi Assistant Clerical Officer
Styliani Michael Assistant Clerical Officer
Christakis Christofi Meter Reader
Lavithis Lavithi Meter Reader


Argyro Philaretou Head of Technical Services
Damianos Mantovanis Technical Superintendent
(Vacant Position) Technical Engineer A΄
Ermioni Sofokleous Technical Engineer
Michalis Christodoulou Technical Engineer
(Vacant Position) Technician Engineer
(Vacant Position) Chief Foreman
Tassos Milou Assistant Chief Foreman
Kyriakos Georgiou Foreman
Theodoros Fotiou Foreman
Andronikos Christodoulou Foreman
Loizos Papayiannis Foreman
Iakovos Kamenou Foreman
Ioannis Ioannou Workman
Marios Ioannou Workman
Marios Yiangou Workman
Michalis Andreou Workman
Andreas Tryfonos Workman
Iakovos Iakovou Workman
Christos Andreou Hourly Workman
Chrysostomos Siailis Hourly Workman
Argyris Argyrou Hourly Workman
Petros Theodosiou Hourly Workman
Loizos Christou Hourly Workman
Andreas Nicolaou Hourly Workman
Eleftherios Papaeleftheriou Hourly Workman
Charalambos Loizou Hourly Workman
Giorgos Giorgiou (Andreou) Hourly Workman
Marios Kappelos Hourly Workman
Petros Kakkoufas Hourly Workman
Costas Kontos Hourly Workman
Alexis Topalian Hourly Laborer
Christos Kosmas Hourly Laborer
Gavriel Gavriel Hourly Laborer
Giorgos Georgiou (Louka) Hourly Laborer
Andreas Kinegirou Hourly Laborer
Giorgos Xatzimichael Hourly Laborer
Zacharias Kapsis Hourly Laborer
Giorgos Grigoriou Hourly Laborer
Petros Tterallis Hourly Laborer
Andronikos Spyrou Hourly Laborer
Andreas Mouskou Hourly Laborer
Charalambos Alexandrou Hourly Laborer
Antonis Antoniou Hourly Laborer
Giorgos Georgiou (Petrou) Hourly Laborer
Nikiforos Philippou Hourly Laborer
Michalis Konstantinou Guard
Charalambos Paroutis Guard


Chryso Ioannou Senior Clerical Officer
Anna Zimboulaki Assistant Clerical Officer
Konstantina Konstantinou Assistant Clerical Officer
Andreas Chrysostomou Office Assistant
Stelios Panteli Hourly Office Assistant