Disconnections and Reconnections

If the reconnection is carried out within three years from the disconnection date see the ‘Charges and Fees -> Reconnections’

If the reconnection is carried out three years after the disconnection date see the ‘Charges and Fees -> New installations Fees’

Only after the request of the consumer/ (the owner) can the water supply be interrupted to a premise or when the account balance exceeds the limit established by the board’s regulations, from time to time, to justify the disconnection.

The account balance that has accumulated on your water bill was such that necessitated the disconnection of your water supply. This action is also for your protection from a potential overconsumption and respective overcharge.

The Board sends timely the water supply bills as well as a notice of disconnection within five-days to customers, if the bill is not settled, to the delivery address specified by the consumer. The employee who carries out the disconnection, although not required to inform the consumer in person, makes any such effort at the time of disconnection and leaves a notification that the water supply has been disconnected. If the bill has been settled after the disconnection, the consumer must pay for the reconnection fees.