Tenants Accounts

If a final invoice was issued and the Board refunded the Security Deposit to the Tenant, then the name on the account returns to the owner's name and the bill is sent to the address of the premises. If the owner wishes to receive the bill at another mailing address, he/she must contact the Board about this. Contact Us -> Contact Information

The consumption difference between the check meter and the consumer meter is added to the consumer’s consumption and it is part of the consumer’s water bill. As a result, the payment responsibility for this charge belongs to any legal entity or any person (the consumer) who is responsible for paying the bill.

If the water bill is on tenant’s name and he promptly settles all the bills, the Board is obliged to maintain the water supply to the premises. The owner can get rid of the responsibility of any outstanding balance, in the case of abandonment of the premises by the tenant, with written notice to the Board. In this case, the tenant will be notified by the Board to make a security deposit according to his previous consumptions.

If the account is on the owner’s name, the tenant will be notified to submit evidence of legal possession of the premises and to make a security deposit according to his previous consumption in order for the Board to maintain the water supply to the premises.

If there is a security deposited by the tenant, it will be utilised against the account balance and any remaining account balance is the owner’s obligation to pay. The Board is willing to communicate with the tenant to arrange a payment of the account balance, if the owner provides the necessary contact information, but without any commitment by the Board.

In this case, the water supply was discontinued after the account was not paid by the due date, e an additional charge occurred due to further consumption between the reading date and the disconnection date.

The Board receives Security Deposits from 2002 onwards, after the establishment of the relevant provision in the Regulations of the Board. It is understood that, in order for the Board to receive a Security Deposit when the premises are rented, the tenant with the owner must visit the Board’s offices presenting the lease document, identity card or passport and pay for the Security Deposit as provided by the Regulations.

Security Deposit refunds in whole, or part, can only be made to the beneficiary, namely to the person or legal entity who paid for the Security Deposit. It is understood that Security Deposits are only seized against outstanding water bills.

The Security Deposit amount is specified in the Water Board’s Regulations and reflects the usual consumption charge per premise for a period of three months on the basis of the existing tariffs. The owner of the premises has the right to request in writing for a higher Security Deposit, if this is justified by the tenant’s consumption habits.

It is possible to disconnect the water supply (disconnect the water meter) only after the owners instructions. As a tenant, you can request from the Board to issue a final invoice. For more details see the FAQ “I wish to issue a final Invoice for my homestead, because I’m moving. What should I do?"